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Carlie Hanson

In just under a year, 18-year old Carlie Hanson has made her way from a small town in Wisconsin working at a McDonalds drive thru to a full-fledged artist and songwriter living in LA self-releasing three vibrant breakout tracks which have a collective 30M streams across Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube, all without a record label. Her song “Only One” is prominently featured on Apple Music’s A-List Pop Playlist, Spotify’s biggest playlist Today’s Top Hits as well as an Apple Music Playlist curated by Taylor Swift. The song is averaging approximately 400,000 streams per day.

Hanson’s debut music video for “Only One,” which was directed by directing duo Similar But Different (Dani Girdwood and Charlotte Fassler) with an all-female crew. Shot in the California desert, the clip shows Hanson haunting a young man’s subconscious as he drives through the desert. He can’t see her, but she can interact with him and it is choreographed with punctuated movement and rhythmic dance that almost feels alien. Watch it HERE.

Early praises include: L’OFFICIEL: “Pop’s next teen phenom is here. And she’d been hiding out in the middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin. 17-year-old Carlie Hanson is witty charming self-confident beyond her years, and, most importantly, talented.” NYLON: “Would you believe us if we told you Carlie Hanson is a 17-year-old from Wisconsin who also works at McDonald’s? You better. This debut is McAwesome.” HILLYDILLY: “The type of ambitious pop that will only continue to catapult her to the top. If you aren’t hip to Carlie yet, be sure to get familiar, cause she’s ready to join Sigrid, Maggie Rogers, and Billie Eilish as one of pop’s stars.”

Hanson made her live debut earlier this year, recently wrapped a string of summer festival dates and is opening for Jeremy Zucker and Troye Sivan on their respective tours this fall.

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